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The players will be members of a secret nightclub in downtown Toronto. This place, called Silverlight, serves as sort of a clubhouse for those who are aware of the existence of magic, and who have been invited to join, usually by one of the clubs more influential members; many are able to use these secret abilities to great profit, though what exactly they may do is regulated for fear of how the public might react; think Salem.

The players should decide two things about their characters. The first is how they became aware of, and likely involved with, magic. Some relatively common ways this occurs include anything from discovering a hidden tome that describes spells or maybe magical creatures, witnessing or being injured by something unnatural, awakening an innate talent through training, study or meditation, or sometimes demonic possession, though that is only rarely survived. You may have heard rumours of some other methods of awakening, such as something being awoken within a person through an extremely traumatic, possibly life threatening event.

The second is how they became involved with the magical underworld, an answer that could quite possibly overlap with the first. This could have been by developing a connection to a member, possibly by doing a favour for them or simply through friendship, possibly because they would like to use your capabilities, whatever those may be to their advantage. It could also be that after your awakening, you were trained by someone who found you promising and had their own connections.

As relative newcomers to this secret society of sorts, you don’t know a lot about its inner workings, but you suspect it may be tied to some unpleasant things. You have gathered that there are factions, made up of opposing beliefs and approaches to leading this double life, though they are not, to your knowledge, formalized in any way. You know that they pay very well when someone has a job that needs doing, but you suspect at least some of the people you’ve met may have connections to organized crime.

Hm, this is starting to sound a bit silly. Thoughts?

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