Character Creation

Epic Feats
These are feats that may only be taken once a character has exceeded the normal levelling progression, i.e., once they have already reached level 6 and now progressing solely by gaining feats. These feats cannot be taken upon reaching level, in the event that your class grants a bonus feat at that level.

Setting, as it Relates to Classes

Psionics is the primary system of magic. Arcane is something of a curiosity, but far from unheard of among the sort of company that is at all familiar with Psionics. Divine is marginally less common, not being present among the general population perhaps because the more common religions either worship entities that do not grant magic, worship them in the wrong way, or it may be that they worship something that does not exist. Which of these possibilities is the reality is a matter of fervent debate.

Guns are Martial Weapons, though their proficiency is only granted to those that have had access to guns and some method by which to practise with them for a reasonale amount of time. For the purposes of this campaign, the PCs are considered to have had this access, either through their Silverlight connections or some other means that is left to the player. Any class that specializes in any sort of ranged weapon, such as Zen Archers, may choose to specialize in firearms, though they do not have any special access to grit; modern firearms are sufficiently reliable that they do not require any such luck for one to survive the learning of their use. Modern handguns should be considered to be of the same price as an equivalent early firearm, with their capacity being much higher. It is a move action to reload a magazine, or a free action with Rapid Reload. Firearms with the scatter property would still serve their purpose against swarms, however they do not function as area attacks. Because that is really dumb. Note that is considered quite rude to wear a gun in polite company, unless you’re been granted a Silver Star, a sort of badge that represents a communal recognition of your service, reliabilty and trustworthiness. The PCs do not have these (yet?).


Automatic bonus progression is in effect. The ability score enhancement granted at level 6 may be applied to any attribute. See Epic Feats for progression beyond character level 6.


The following feats are granted automatically when their prerequisites are met: Power Attack, Combat Expertise, Weapon Finesse.

The following feats no longer exist and may simply be stricken from any list of prerequisites in which they are included; dodge, mobility (more to come, I’m drawing a blank)

The following feats are altered to be less of a feat tax:

Two-Weapon Fighting
This feat functions as normal, except that it also grants the effects of Two-Weapon Defense. The shield bonus granted by Two-Weapon Defense increases by one at BAB 6, 11, and 16, to a total of 4. At BAB 3, this feat also grants the effects of Double Slice. At BAB 6, it also grants the effects of Improved Two-Weapon Fighting.


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Character Creation

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